The Mobilcom Impex Ltd. was established in 1995 by a handful of ambitious, nature-loving people who were fond of carpentry and working with wood.

About us

The company was meant to be a private business and this has not changed in the last 25 years. We specialize in manufacturing doors and windows made of quality wood both for interior and exterior use.Our permanently upgraded high-level technology equipment enables us to offer both mass and custom products with a decent pricetag for our customers. Starting with simple technology in the beginning we now operate the newest CNC cutting machines.

What do we offer to our customers?

First of all, quality – thanks to our professional expertise. Our products are inspired by nature with all its shapes and materials. Feel free to contact us if you also want a piece of the Harghita landscape inside your home.

Our history

1995 – first products made of pine
1998 – interior doors made of pine
2000 – HDF doors production
2012 – exterior thermo doors and windows made of solid wood, authentic reconstruction of doors and windows for monument buildings

Wood is a renewable resource of nature. Our products are made in a 100% natural and eco-friendly way because we care about the renewal of the forests and nature as a whole. As a Romanian factory we only use domestic solid pine wood and especially Scots pine. This raw material has an extraordinary strength and resistance, very good insulation properties and all these guarantee a long life cycle, rich variety of shapes as well as easy and efficient handling.